Ozzy Osbourne will take part in a scientific experiment

61-years-old former Black Sabbath singer has struggled over many years with alcohol dependence and certain medications. Recently, Ozzy Osbourne said he used to eat “four bottles of brandy a day.”

Ozzy Osbourne believes that his survival until now is a “medical miracle” and earlier this month said he will donate his body to scientists so they can look after he dies, to learn how he managed to live so long.

On Monday, Ozzy Osbourne announced that he has signed a contract that allows him to become one of the first people who will participate in a scientific experiment, for the sum of US 40,500 dollars. British musician genome sequence will be based on a sample of his blood.

Nathan Pearson, the American company representative conducting the test, called Knome, said: “Analysis of individuals with extreme medical cases is a very valuable medical potential”.

In March, the actress Glenn Close announced that her genome was sequenced, joining Desmond Archbishop Tutu and genome sequencing pioneer Craig Venter on the restricted list of celebrities who agreed to have their genome sequenced in the name of science.

Ozzy Osbourne is the former singer of Black Sabbath, formed in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1968. Over the years, Black Sabbath has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

The solo album “No More Tears”, released by Ozzy Osbourne in 1991, received four times platinum in the United States and had a warm reception from the public and critics. The following albums – Ozzmosis (1995), “Down to Earth” (2001), “Under Cover” (2005), “Black Rain” (2007) and “Scream” (2010), although they weren’t so successful for the public, were well received by critics.

Image source: earsucker.com