Robert Pattinson likes to date not settle down

“I would like to go on a date. I’m just saying. I’m just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore.” 

Even if there were rumors saying he has a relationship with Kristen Stewart, he doesn’t like the term “settling down.” 

“I don’t think settling down should be the same thing as getting married,” he says, adding with a laugh: “I mean, I guess settling down just means not sleeping with everybody. I don’t like the idea of having to settle, though.” 

Although he did not mention anything about Kristen, he had a several remarks about Taylor Lautner: “Very competitive,” Pattinson says. “I want to have better hair than him. I want to have a better six-pack. No, he’s great. I’ve been close with him throughout the whole series.” 

On the idea that Breaking Dawn will be directed into two parts, Pattinson said: ” It’s a little bit daunting just cause it’s a long shoot,” he says. “The last time, when we were shooting Eclipse in Vancouver, the entire paparazzi population of L.A. came up and just camped outside the hotel. So, if it’s in Vancouver, I’ll probably end up getting cabin fever and end up jumping off the balcony.” 

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