Exclusive Pininfarina and Bovet watch: Ottana Tourbillon

Pininfarina design house seeks to express its creative ideas in other spheres. Recently, the Italians have joined forces with the watchmaker Bovet, to give rise to works of art.

The result was named Ottana Tourbillon and wants to be an exclusive watch, thanks primarily to the number of copies to be produced, only 80 in total. The price has been estimated between US $280,000 and $300,000, and the operating mechanism of the clock makes the Ottana a rare collectors piece.

Bovet introduced under the cover of steel combined with titanium, or for the most pretentious, titanium combined with white gold, an automatic mechanism, with an impressive power reserve: up to 80 hours of waiting. The heart of the Ottana Tourbillon includes 514 pieces, most created manually, covered by a 46mm shell.