Mercedes will launch 16 new models and versions until 2011

Within the next six months, Mercedes-Benz will launch a total of 16 new models or existing models face-lift. News from the Stuttgart manufacturer’s range will be represented by the electric versions of the current models and fuel cell powered versions thereof. Moreover, the manufacturer will launch a range of engines, called BlueDIRECT, starting in autumn this year. Therefore, the number of models altogether and entirely new will be reduced, but the new ones will be shared across the entire range Mercedes Benz.

With new engines and models, the Mercedes-Benz launched their new marketing campaign with the motto “The best or nothing.” The new marketing slogan of the Mercedes-Benz aims the faith of Gottlieb Daimler – the company founder.

BlueDIRECT engines represents the downsizing strategy of the Stuttgart manufacturer. Thus, V6 and V8 units have received the current range of direct injection technology and their cylinder capacity has been reduced with the installation of a turbocharger.

Because of the V configuration of these models, some units received two turbochargers of the same size. New engines consume 24% less fuel than their predecessors and develop a higher level of maximum power and maximum torque. Thanks to turbocharging and direct injection technology, new engines provide a maximum torque speed range and higher speed where maximum torque is available low in comparison with the speed at which torque is available from its predecessors. However, the new engines will get a stop-start, but it will be offered only for some models.