Check your eyes with your mobile phone

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a simple solution available to anyone – Netra, a mobile accessory for visual acuity.

The device consists of a relatively large lens system which is mounted on the body of the phone display area. Through special software, like that used on appliances dioptron, it measures the refractive errors.

The test takes only two minutes and can be made by anyone – not requiring any medical knowledge.

Currently, two billion individuals have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, or about one third of world population. As for the number of phones used today, the figures are even more spectacular: nearly 5 billion devices.

So here’s an accesory with an extremely high search potential. Everything is well promoted because the price will not be a problem.

Production costs are low, researchers say. We don’t know yet when will it reach the market.


Image source: Go4it