Shakira has no plans to marry Antonio de la Rua

The two are together for nine years, are also engaged but…will not marry even if she said yes when Antonio popped the question. “I have no plans to get married. Ever,” she said.

“There’s something romantic about being someone’s girlfriend forever. I like the state that I’m in.” On the other hand, both Antonio and Shakira wants to have kids.

“I definitely plan to have children but I don’t see a wedding dress,” she said. The singer and her fiancé met in a restaurant and she revealed that in the moment she saw him, she knew he was the one.

“The minute I walked in, I saw him sitting, and I thought, ‘That man is for me, he’s the man of my life.’ I kept staring at him until I got to meet him that night. And then I just followed my intuition and everything worked out,” she said. “Frankly, meeting him that night was like winning the lottery.”

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