Cheryl Cole hospitalized with malaria

Cheryl Cole has been hospitalized, after she got malaria during a trip to Tanzania.

Cheryl fainted during a photo session Saturday afternoon, but doctors initially believed that it happened because of the physical exhaustion.

Superstar friends say that Cheryl’s health deteriorated rapidly in the next day and started to sweat and tremble. Doctors did tests and she was urgently taken to a hospital.

Monday results have confirmed that she suffers from malaria and now she will spend several days in hospital, to be followed by weeks of recovery. If malaria is not treated quickly, like the case of Cheryl Cole, it may have serious, sometimes fatal effects.

The star and her doctors believe that Cheryl got ill with the infectious disease after she was pitted by a mosquito while on holiday in Tanzania last month.

Cheryl Cole visited the African country with Derek Hough, who held that vacation as a surprise gift for the singer. There are rumors that the two would actually form a couple.

Image source: Celebrity Paradise