Mel Gibson admits he hit Oksana because “she deserved it”

Gibson admited in an audio recording that he has hit his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, in the face while she held their baby in her arms. Mel Gibson confess in a sound recording he hit because Oksana saying that “she deserves it”.

A source who heard the recording claims that in a conversation between Mel and Oksana, after altercation on January 6, she is recorded saying: “What kind of a man would hit a woman when she is holding a child in her hands, hitting her twice in the face? What kind of a man is that?”

Mel Gibson replied: “You know what – you f**cking deserved it”.


More rumors claim that Oksana Grigorieva obtained a restraining order against Gibson, arguing that he hit her face and he removed two teeth during a fight.

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