Coming soon: personal devices to detect lies

The project was initiated five years ago but only recently the underlying technology has been licensed. When finished, everyone could buy a device that will detect lies.

American researchers have started from the idea that people, for a lie, do more work than if they tell the truth. Signs consist, among others, of eye movement and pupil dilation, greater time reaction and errors of expression.

The future detection device lies mainly on monitoring the eyes movement. According to researchers, the eyes give clear signs that can not be misinterpreted, whenever someone tells a lie.

Unlike the old polygraph, which is not infallible, this device will be more accurate. In addition, it can be mass produced and sold like any other gadget. Anyone will be able to use such a device at a given point in time.

Until it will be available on the market for everyone, it will be used by U.S. defense intelligence and counterintelligence. Already, these institutions “have reserved the right” to be first and for a time, the only to use the new lie detector.

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