Mel Gibson: a second audio tape in which he threatens Oksana Grigorieva

A new record in which Mel Gibson seems very nervous on Oksana appeared on Monday on the website Radar Online.

This second tape in which the actor is threatening his former girlfriend, this time recognizing that he hit her, came quickly on the Internet. Any YouTube user can hear his voice shouting at Oksana, the mother of his daughter, telling that he would put her in a garden with roses and that she deserves to be hit in the head.

In another recording he was criticizing her wardrobe her implants and he compared her with a bitch.

Gibson sad that if Oksana would be raped it would be only her fault.

Agents and producers believe that Mel Gibson will be difficult to be cast in movies after this scandal. Mel was recorded while threatening his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.


“I just don’t think he’s got a career at this point. If he wants to produce a movie, there are people that will take his money,” but “he’s not going to do a studio movie, unless it’s released somewhere else. I could see women protesting in front of a production facility” says Amy Brownstein.

Moreover, “there’s no woman who would star in a movie with him unless it’s an up-and-coming actress who would rather make her first movie than adhere to her scruples” added Brownstein.

With this scandal, Mel Gibson has disappointed not only Hollywood, but it may have violated the law quite seriously.

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