Wesley Snipes sentenced to three years in prison, lost his legal appeal

The Court of Appeal in the U.S. city of Atlanta found that the sentence imposed by a court in Florida in 2008 against the American star, was correct.

Wesley Snipes’s lawyers argued, however, that this sentence was “unreasonable” and that the actor should have a rehearing, asking, the resettlement of the trial in New York.

According to the indictment, Snipes has not completed federal tax returns for the period 1999 – 2004 to avoid having to pay a sum amounting to 15 million dollars, and caused a deficit of $ 41 million to tax services.

Denzel Washington, double Oscar winner, sent a letter to Judge William Terrell Hodges of the District Court asking for Wesley Snipes to be exempt from imprisonment.

“Wesley is like a proud oak. Many of those who knew him enjoyed the fruits of his labor. I had been in his shadow and was protected by his presence,” said Denzel Washington.

Woody Harrelson, who knows Wesley Snipes more than two decades, said his good friend is “a true citizen of the world.”

“He fights for justice and fairness in everything he does and he is a great honor for me to call on my brother Wes,” said Woody Harrelson.

Also, several friends of the actor – actors, designers and even a television presenter – were demanding to the American justice the release of Wesley Snipes, but their request was refused.

The actor was acquitted of other charges, more serious, such as fraud and association to commit crimes.

Wesley Snipes’s lawyers argued that Douglas R. Rosie and Eddie Ray Kahn, financial advisors to their clients, who were also sentenced to prison, deceived the American actor, making him believe that there is no law making him pay that money.

But Robert O’Neill, the prosecutor who handled the case, said that Wesley Snipes was the client of a company “specialized in methods to defraud the income tax department, being targeted by police for several years.

Actor and producer Wesley Snipes is not on his first confrontation with justice. In September 2007, he was sentenced to pay the sum of 1.7 million dollars due to his former agent, who claimed breach of contract terms.

During the investigation conducted by the U.S. IRS, Wesley Snipes was arrested at the airport in Johannesburg, accused of attempted fraudulent border crossing using a forged South African passport. Wesley Snipes was deported shortly after, in the United States.