Flying donkey in Russia

The incident happened last week, the animal, tied to a parachute carried by the wind along the beach Goloubitskaïa village, Krasnodar region, screamed with fear when it flew over the tourists who stood in the sun, according to images broadcast by a Russian television.

According to police spokesman, Touchkova Larissa, the donkey came in the air following an improvised campaigns run by several Russian entrepreneurs to attract tourists to their private beaches.

This scene has attracted unusual attention to regional police, who learned about the “flying donkey” and later started an investigation.

“The donkey was screaming and the children were crying. Nobody had the idea to call the police”, said Larisa Touchkova.

People chose to take out their cameras and call a local newspaper. The animal has been raised so high in the sky that children on the beach were crying and asking their parents: “Why was the puppy tied to the parachute?” Taman newspaper reported last week, quoted by AFP.

According to the sources, the donkey was dragged several meters of land along the sea before reaching shore.