Mel Gibson threw Oksana’s son on the table

The last rumor, which Oksana cannot prove, brings the spotlight on its son. From Oksana’s stories, Mel committed an abuse in a moment of rage, threwing her son on a table, over a cigarette. The whole story happened at a party last year.

Sources say Oksana son, Alexander, 12, in a moment of joy, jumping up and down, tried to take a cigarette from Mel’s mouth. Oksana said that Mel was furious and threw Alexander violently on a table. Problems occurred during mediation in May when Mel and Oksana have tried to devise a custody arrangement and a financial agreement.

Sources say that there were witness around Oksana which had Mel’s lawyers informed of the incident. Mel’s lawyers say they investigated the incident and that there were “Numerous adults and children” who saw the incident and reported in a total different way from Oksana’s opinion.

Mel’s relatives say that no way it was physical violence but rather an incident. Witnesses say that Alexander was accidentally dropped on the table when he jumped to Mel’s cigarette. The incident’s reason is very important in the criminal investigation. It is not just a “he said, she said.”

That translates to credibility, underlying the cause.