Casey Affleck, sued for sexual harassment

The woman is accusing him of sexual harassment and unpaid services, after she refused to spend a night with him in a hotel room.

Amanda White, one of the documentary producers “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix”, filed the documents in Los Angeles Superior Court, on Friday. She accuses Casey Affleck of unappropiate behavior on the set and of “uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace”.

White, who worked on the movie “Good Will Hunting” with Affleck and his brother, the actor and director Ben Affleck, said she reached a verbal agreement to invest $50,000 in the unconventional documentary production about Joaquin Phoenix (Affleck’s brother) to reinvent himself as a rap artist. But according to White, the offensive behavior allegedly began almost immediately.

“On one occasion, Affleck instructed a crew member to take off his pants in order to show (White) his penis, even after (White) objected,” the complaint alleges. “Affleck repeatedly referred to women as ‘cows;’ he discussed his sexual exploits and those of other celebrities that he allegedly witnessed; and asked (White), after learning her age, ‘Isn’t it about time you get pregnant?'”

The complaint also says White was prevented from going to her bedroom during shooting in Costa Rica because “Affleck and Phoenix locked themselves in her bedroom with two women,” the lawsuit says. “Affleck also attempted to manipulate [White] into staying in a hotel room with him, and when she resisted, he grabbed her in a hostile manner in an effort to intimidate her into complying.”

Affleck’s representative, who is married to Summer Phoenix, declined to comment on this issue.