Eric Roberts, to rehab in a TV program

Eric Roberts, the father of actress Emma Roberts, joined new season’s reality show “Celebrity Rehab.” In this issue, a psychotherapist of the stars, Dr. Drew Pinsky, will try to help the actor overcome his problems related to abuse of toxic substances.

Although it’s not clear what are Roberts problems are Roberts, his agent, Chuck Jones, said “It’s not for anything serious. He’s not hooked on prescription meds or hard drugs or anything like that.”

A spokesman for Roberts’ new film Rock Slyde says, “It’s ironic that Eric is going through the same Celebrity Rehab experience as Andy DICk, his co-star in the film.

“They certainly never bonded on the set and chatted about anything like this. It’s a complete surprise. No one knew Eric had a problem.”

Eric Roberts, who was arrested in 1987 for for cocaine and marijuana possession and continued to battle a cocaine problem throughout the 1990s, will join some stars like Leif Garrett and Jeremy London in a new season of “Celebrity Rehab.” Filming for the show began on July 19.

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