Brittany Murphy – Simon Monjack possible cause of death: mold

This parasitic fungus has the ability to attack the breathing system.

The American actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, died within five months of each other, and both deaths were initially put into pneumonia.

The two deaths are now investigated by the Department of Public Health in Los Angeles, and mold is considered a relevant factor for the respiratory health systems of the two artists.

The presence of mold in the West Hollywood Hills residence of the couple was seen by police officers since December 2009, when they were investigating the circumstances of death of actress Brittany Murphy, but at that time, it was considered “a factor”.

Sharon Murphy, the mother of Brittany Murphy, allowed U.S. investigators to examine again the victims residence. Monjack Simon’s mother decided to leave Europe and move back in the United States to be present while investigation occurs.

Recently, Roger Neal, Simon Monjack’s press officer, confirmed that Simon needed a bypass intervention, but it was postponed because he was – professionally – too busy.

Brittany Murphy, known for her roles in “Clueless” and “8 Mile”, has died at the age of 32 following a cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009. She was discovered in the bathroom of her residence in Hollywood Hills.

According to forensic experts, in her blood was discovered a combination of medicines with and without prescription. The doctors didn’t detect any drugs in Brittany’s bloodstream.

Her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack has been found dead in his home in LA, five months after her death.

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