Norman Scherer: “Michael Jackson was my best customer that Video Oyster ever had”

“The story about me selling Michael Jackson videos is true, but the slant that he was a Hitler fan may not be true. I believe he was more interested in the fashion and movement aspect of Hitler and the Nazis. Please try to give this great man a break, I never thought badly of him and he was my best customer that Video Oyster ever had. I am out of the rare tape business and into educating kids about NYC history and do not have a financial motivation about this press frenzy. Feel free to email me to help get the facts straight. I never said he displayed these Hitler videos in his Neverland Ranch, and I was never a dealer in Nazi memorabilia,” Norman commented.

Norman Scherer - a New York salesman of rate video, claims he helped Jackson to form “a really good collection”

We then contacted Norman Scherer and ask him for some quick answers, assuming that he might be right about Michael Jackson and that all this crazy media waves are just an unfair storm in a glass of water.

InRumor: What is Video Oyster?

Norman Scherer: Video Oyster was a rare VHS distributor that started in 1990 after I left Variety Newspaper (after 11 years) I was working for Bowker (a sister company of Variety) creating, selling and distributing Varietys complete home video directory when I pitched Bowker to create a directory of out of print videos. They did go for the idea so I quit and started Video Oyster in 1990. Video Oyster created a magazine called Pearls and sold thousands of rare video titles. I bought these titles from stores around the country and video brokers (mostly in Clearwater Florida and Dallas Texas). I shopped for Michaels requests when I was living in New Orleans, in early 1996.

InRumor: What was your relation with Michael Jackson?

Norman Scherer: Michael was my best customer but only dealt with his people for 5 months. Never met or talked with Michael but dealt with Scotty (Scott Shaffer) who relayed to me what Michael wanted.

InRumor: From your point of view, why do you think he wanted the documentaries about the Nazi regime?

Norman Scherer: I always belived he wanted the Hitler/Nazi videos for the fashion and movement aspects. I thought he wanted the videos about young boys with troubled families as a way to understand and help the young boys that he associated with and liked to be around.

InRumor: Is it possible that Michael Jackson would have been interested in other aspects besides Nazi’s uniforms? Worship leader, maybe?

Norman Scherer: He might have liked Hitler for the power trip as well but since I didn’t really talk to him I couldn’t really say.

InRumor: Did Scott Schaffer told you some interesting facts about MJ that you can share with us?

Norman Scherer: Scotty never shared anything but when heck sister on getting a 10% cut of future orders IN cash. I secretly videotaped him taking the money and would not hand it to him unless he danced like Michael (which he did). After that payoff I brought the rest of the kids tapes (mostly crap) to the four seasons hotel to see if Michael wanted any of the tapes I never showed him, three quarters of that batch were quickly returned and that was the end of my sales to Michael.

InRumor: Overall, what do you think about Michael Jackson?

Norman Scherer: I always loved his music and respected him as a great artist. This world is full of greedy adults that lie, cheat and steal. It’s no wonder he chose to be around the innocent, honest and happy children. He was cheated out of his youth and I imagine watched Disney films to try to recapture the years he lost. Michael in future history will surely be remembered better that the way he has been trashed by the media today.

Whether Michael Jackson was fascinated by Adolf Hitler’s regime or he just wanted to learn more about the tumultuous period of that time, he will always remain in all our memories as the greates musician, the true King of Pop!