Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse will sing together

“It’s been agreed that GaGa will go to London in September just before her European tour to help Winehouse with the new album, her first release since 2006,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “Lady GaGa sees Amy as a kindred spirit — the British bad girl and the American bad girl!”

Here is what Gaga thinks about Amy Winehouse: “Amy is a real artist. I get frustrated when I tour so much that my voice is messed up,” she said last year.
“But I always say to myself that I watch performances from Amy where I swear she didn’t hit a note, and she was shot and shot deep on something, but I can’t take my eyes off that beautiful girl. There’s something about her that’s so honest.

“That was what the Seventies and Eighties were about, and what women were about then, and that’s why legends were created. It wasn’t about manicures.
“When I’m on stage I genuinely black out. Or when I’m on daytime TV I can’t believe women are sitting at home, knitting, and watching me, because I look genuinely certifiable.”