Were there witnesses when Mel Gibson allegedly hit Oksana Grigorieva?

On the other hand Gibson firmly denied any violence against Oksana and her fans put him against the wall.

A question still remains. Is it possible that someone witness the whole story? Has anyone seen something incriminating?

According to TMZ, Oksana sources said there were “third-party witnesses” who spoke with the LA County Sheriff investigators and said that they saw when Mel Gibson gave her a punch in the face during the fight on January 6.

It’s the same alleged fight between Gibson and Oksana that she emaild her lawyer just hours later.

All tapes with Gibson’s rant were recorded on February 18.

Witnesses haven’t yet spoken to investigators to probe the domestic violence allegations against Gibson, but they will probably do that sooner or later.

Sources say that there is at least one witness who works with Oksana on her music.

At least one of the third-party witnesses reportedly saw the star pull a gun on Oksana during the same altercation, after he allegedly punched her.

Oksana’s son Alexander, who was also allegedly abused by Gibson, spoke with Sheriff’s investigators in the case.

Sources say during mediation in May, Oksana said Alexander, whose father is Timothy Dalton, was hiding under the bed during the argument.

Also, Grigorieva is investigated for extortion of Gibson and both are fighting for the custody of their daughter Lucia.

Image source: poponthepop.com

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