Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in numbers


It seems that event organizers didn’t save any money on what could become the international wedding, the costs for each of the 500 invited rising to $10,000.

Tents in the town of Rhinebeck, located near New York, have cost about $625,000, tables and plates will cost $100,000 and flowers – mostly orchids and lilies – $500,000.

The wedding dress – signed by Vera Wang – cost about $25,000 and jewelry that the bride will wear worth $250,000. The wedding cake cost $10,000 and the security device, $200,000.

So, you do the math.

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hilary and Bill Clinton, marries Marc Mezvinsky, a bank investor.

They know each other since they were teenagers and studied both at Stanford University. Marc Mezvinsky father, former congressman Edward Mezvinsky, served a five-years sentence for fraud.

Rhinebeck City Council received a request to supplement the number of police during the ceremony. The application was approved, but there were critics who called that all additional funds to be paid by the bride’s father, former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Rhinebeck is a town with 8,000 people, situated about 100 km north of New York. Mrs Bill and Hillary Clinton live in Chappaqua situated nearby, since 2000.