Charlie Sheen admitted he abused his wife

It seems the actor will not pay damages, but only the costs of Anger Management program.

Charlie Sheen will spend 30 days in a rehabilitation center and will be 30 days under police supervision, and he also must attend 36 sessions of psychotherapy.

His lawyer noted that officials from the Promises Treatment Center in California, where the actor has already spent 90 days this year, agreed to consider this period as part of the sentence imposed by the court.

“I am grateful to the Court and the people of Pitkin County. Wait for the court decision, in order get on with my life and leave this episode behind, “said the star of the show Two and a Half Men after the hearing what took place in a town in Colorado.

In a statement filled to police last year, Brooke Mueller Sheen wrote that her husband threatened her with death and wanted to cut her with a knife after she proposed to divorce him. The actor previously divorced actress Denise Richards.

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