Zsa Zsa Gabor released from the hospital 

“She’s aware and eating. The doctor’s said they’ve done everything they can do. Now it’s up to her”, said the publicist.

The actress’s husband currently waits to receive a home bed especially made for her in which she will be taken care of.

Gabor will likely be released in the late afternoon on Friday and will have to be transferred right from the ambulance to the hospital bed in home because of her limited mobility. Banchette says that von Anhalt hopes her home care will lift her spirits.

Moreover, her husband, “Frederic is hoping she will perk up she’s been a little depressed”. The Hungarian actress “fell awkwardly from her bed while reaching to answer her telephone” as she was watching a show.

The actress’ condition was really serious due to some recovery complication that included going into critical condition and receiving a blood transfusion on July 24.

Image source: nydailynews.com