Cash acquisitions of Lexus LF-A will be made in special circumstances

Lexus changed their mind regarding how a LF-A can be bought. So far, the only way you could purchase it was to sign a lease for two years with zero rates and a residual rate of 228,000 euros.

This time, the LF-A customers will be able to buy a LF-A with a contract that forbids them to sell the car in the first two years without offering the dealer a buy-back option at a price list or at market price – whichever is lower.

Basically, the Lexus reserves the right to buy back any LF-A in the first two years from acquisition, at the lowest between its list price and its market price.

If the owner sells the vehicle without offering a buy-back option to the car dealer, he is forced to return the profit over the price he would received from the car dealer plus all related legal fees.

Lexus dealers hold the right to grant permission to the client to sell the car in the first two years of purchase. All these measures are taken in an attempt to prevent speculators and offer only a limited number of copies to enthusiasts who can afford such a vehicle.

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