Another witness on the horizon of Gibson-Grigorieva scandal

He said he witnessed clashes between Gibson and Grigorieva, and says he could be a “star witness” in the ongoing investigation of domestic violence against Gibson.

Jimmy, this is the guy’s name, witnessed the hard words between Gibson and Grigorieva, for several months, and has provided a legal declaration stating so.

Jimmy said to several sources close to Oksana, people who know her quite well, both professionally and personally, that he was with her every day during the 10 months to help her in her music, so they can attest to his behavior.

According to sources, Jimmy heard the offensive words frequently addressed by Mel to Oksana like: whore, slut, b! Tch, c ** t, etc.. Words that can be heared on the tapes recorded by Oksana. Apparently, a cause of Gibson exits was the jealousy. When were men around Oksana, Gibson loses control.

Jimmy said that he would have never seen Gibson physically abusing Grigorieva, nor was present on January 6, when Oksana accuses Mel of domestic violence. It is rumored that other witnesses had seen the physical abuse, but their identity remains unclear.

Even if the sound engineer has given a written statement including “Eyewitness Account” to Oksana lawyers of several alleged fights between Oksana and Mel, L.A. County Sheriff’s, investigators still have not talked to Jimmy.

Mel has not been charged with a crime and police are also investigating Oksana of extortion against Gibson.

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