Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson said Pope Benedict XVI is gay

Hutton Gibson said to the Liberty News Radio that “Half the Vatican” is gay and Pope Benedict XVI is also gay. We don’t say he’s right but we cannoy say he’s wrong either.

Asked by Radar Online about his claims of the Vatican, and if he confirmes these remarks, he said: “That is correct – I stand by my statements.” “The Vatican is full of all these child molesters, that is all there is to it.”

Hutton Gibson shocked the listeners of Political Cesspool Radio Program with his statements about the Catholic Church which has failed to tackle homosexuality. He said about Pope Benedict was “a homosexual” and “a slippery character” involved in a Masonic conspiracy out to destroy the Catholic Church from within.

Mel Gibson’s father attends his alternative Catholic Church in Malibu and he didn’t talked about his son’s alleged abuses against Oksana Grigorieva. The outspoken critic of the Catholic Church questioned in a 2003 interview how Nazis had disposed of six million bodies during the Holocaust, and claimed that the September 11, 2001, attacks were perpetrated by remote control.

Now, Hutton Gibson claims the Catholic Church isn’t fighting the repeal of Proposition 8 “because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer.”