American Idol apparently hunts without a bait

But none of them have decided or accepted. Just yet. What do they have in common? Steve Tyler’s latest reaction – show me the money!

They negociate, they talk, call each other and they apparently ask too much. But one question rises: Are the execs of American Idol so greedy? Or are the stars expectations – in terms of cash – just too big?

As TMZ found out, Steven Tyler is playing a little bit of hardball with “American Idol” execs – saying they better “lay out the bread” if they want him to come on board.

Less than two weeks ago, the Aerosmith singer said “I’m doing it” when asked if he was gonna be on “Idol.” But yesterday in New York, he seemed to be playing coy when asked whether or not he was going to take the gig.

Another superstar may still end up on the judging panel for season 10 of FOX’s American Idol. Shania Twain has long been at the top of the network’s list, according to a source close to the singer.

“They’ve been after her ever since she was a mentor on the show last season,” the source says. “And they haven’t given up.”

Twain stepped in for the Chicago auditions and “everyone thought she was a great addition to the judges’ table,” a show source said at the time. She also mentored the contestants in April.

Her name came up – along with other celebs, including Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Chris Isaak and Harry Connick Jr. – as a possible permanent judge after Simon Cowell announced his departure last year.

“Shania’s a huge fan of the show and she had a great time as a mentor,” the source says.

Asked whether she’ll join the show, Twain’s rep had no comment.

FOX has no comment except to note that no judges have been confirmed yet for the show.