Hilary Swank speaks about marriage with John Campisi

In the new issue of InStyle she revealed: “I believe in the sanctity of marriage. John and I, you know, we were both in long marriages and it’s not something that we need to rush back into”.

On what concerns kids issue, the actress always wanted to have kids but she’ll wait until “the time is right.” The actress also revealed how she feels after her divorce from Chad Lowe.

“A lot of people look at divorce as a failure. I really look at my relationship with Chad as 14 years of success,” she says about her ex, with whom she separated in January 2006. “I will carry him in my heart forever. He’s a part of me.”

“Friends of mine and I talk about this. Does someone come into your life for a certain time, and then you are supposed to go your separate ways?” she asks. “There’s a part of me that thinks that’s true.”

Image source: InStyle