Is Paris Hilton banned from Las Vegas clubs?

“Because Vegas nightclubs are under so much scrutiny right now, I don’t know how welcome she would be,” says a club executive who has booked Hilton, 29, to host parties. “Considering she’s busted for cocaine, people might assume that she’s going to the club either to use coke or she’s already on coke, and no club wants to be associated with that.”

Moreover, even if Paris is schedule to be hosting several events in the near future, people and especially night clubs owners aren’t that happy to associate their names with Paris, due to recent charges.

For example, in Nevada liquor licenses are supervised by gambling regulators, and the consequences can be severe.

“A club would never be allowed to book Paris for an appearance right now,” says a former club executive who also has booked the heiress in the past. “A club would want to book her because of the press it would generate right now, but it would never happen because no one wants to jeopardize gaming licensing or liquor licensing.”

Besides, Paris would be entering a night club as any other person: “Her bag would be checked before entering the club.”