Beyonce vs Markowitz lawsuit reached a 5 figure settlement

The man was upset because of the noise and also from illegal trespassing in his property while filming “Why Don’t You Love Me”, and because he had no access to his home.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit was dismissed and a settlement closed the case. Beyonce paid the man a 5 figure settlement due to “invaded his neighborhood”.

The man sad: “I’m happy with the settlement, but this lawsuit shouldn’t have happened in the first place. They set up on my property without asking and [the settlement] should send a notice to other production companies that they need to respect the rights of property owners.”

According to Markowitz’s attorney both sides were satisfied. “No one got rich, no one got poor,” Kurtz said. “It was a modest but appropriate payment that was similar to what would have been paid pursuant to a reasonable agreement.”

Image source: Celeb Utopia