Lady Gaga allegedly “ripped off” Lina Morgana’s image

The “Bad Romance” singer has been accused of stealing the “soul” of Lina Morgana, whom she collaborated with, back in 2007.

Even though Morgana killed herself in 2008, her mother claims that Gaga has simply “ripped off” her daughter’s image.

She told the New York Post: “I’m doing this because I want to keep her spirit alive. Lady Gaga is holding Lina’s soul and I want her soul to be free”.

Morgana’s mother is insistent that Gaga isn’t the original artist she would have her fans believe, she said: “Every other word she says is from Lina. She talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world”.

Yana Morgana is seeking the rights to release the dozen or so songs her daughter, Lina, recorded with Gaga – then Stefani Germanotta – before Lina committed suicide at age 19.

And she wants the “Paparazzi” princess to acknowledge it was Lina Morgana’s dark, edgy style that helped create Lady Gaga.

“I’m not looking to file a lawsuit,” Yana said. “I just want them to acknowledge Lina as an artist and release her music.”

Lina Morgana – My Angel

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