Actress Lindsay Lohan faces arrest on Friday

It seems that a bench warrant was issued and most likely her probation will be revoked this Friday. According to sources, “Lindsay could be remanded directly into custody” .

Moreover, it is believed that judge Fox will not allow Lohan to remain free on bail like last time happened. “Last time, she was allowed to remain free on bail last time until her probation violation hearing, but Judge Fox probably won’t give her that privilege because of her failed drug test, and this is her second probation violation hearing in three months.”

“By remanding her, Lindsay would stay behind bars until the probation violation hearing, she wouldn’t allowed to get out early,” said the source. “The probation violation hearing could be set for the following week, or up to 30 days from then. Lindsay could remain behind bars during that time.”

Lohan is likely to face more jail time due to failing drug tests, she was found positive for cocaine. One insider says: “Lindsay is extremely despondent … She is trying to put on a brave face, but she knows that she is in hot water.”

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Image source: Celebrity Paradise