Smart eScooter new official photos until its launch at Paris Motor Show

It has fully interchangeable plastic body panels with a steel and aluminum frame underneath. It has heated handlebars, ABS, an airbag, and a Blind Spot Assist monitor to warn when a car is about to take you out.

Underneath the main seat is space for two helmets, and when the second seat folds out above the rear wheel, the footrests for the pillion rider automatically flip into position too. Don’t need the second seat? Then you can have a luggage rack instead.

Power comes from a 4kW electric motor mounted in the rear wheel (freeing up the stowage space for those helmets) and gives the E-Scooter a top speed of 28mph.

eScooter has a 62-mile range, which is helped by regenerative braking of the rear wheel, and solar cells at the front of the E-Scooter also provide charge to the lithium-ion batteries. The charging socket is hidden under the badge of the front fender.

Smart eScooter can be controlled by a smartphone. You can mount it in a cradle between the handlebars, and this deactivates the immobiliser and other anti-theft devices. The smartphone then displays the E-Scooter’s speed, plus its battery charge and range, and it acts as a sat-nav and will help you find your way back to the scooter if you can’t remember where it’s parked.

It’s more like a gadgetScooter, isn’t it?