Oksana Grigorieva doesn’t want Mel Gibson’s money

According to the “Cohabitation Agreement”, obtained by TMZ, Oksana and Mel both acknowledge “…they have no right to the property of the other…. ”

The agreement states, “Neither party has promised the other to assist in funding any support for each other or the other party’s children from other relationships.”

Sources say there were numerous emails and conversations between Oksana and Mel in which she demanded money, and her demands went into high gear after she secretly recorded Mel Gibson, on February 18.

Daniel Horowitz, asked why Oksana went from not wanting any money in December to asking for millions in May, told TMZ: “When she signed the agreement in December she had no idea Mel would be treating her like a punching bag in January. She gave up her career for a man who started beating her.”

Image source: parismatch.com

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