Lindsay Lohan returned to rehab

Lindsay, 24, who recently spent 23 days in a detoxification program at UCLA Medical Center, intends to “step up her treatment” and “do more” than during her previous attempts of rehabilitation, said a source.

The name of the detoxification clinic was not released, but according to the same source, the clinic is located in southern California. The actress checked herself into this clinic on Monday evening.

Lindsay Lohan was released from prison Lyndwood, California, on September 24, after winning the appeal, asking to be released on bail. Lohan, who was sentenced Friday to four weeks in jail for violating the terms of parole, was released Saturday after having paid the bail.

Initially, a U.S. judge ordered Lohan to stay behind bars until October 22, but a judge overturned the decision and set a $300,000 bail.

Lindsay Lohan, which is under probation following her recent problems with the law, has been called to court last week after being tested positive for a drug test.

After spending 13 days in prison in Los Angeles in late July and early August, the actress was admitted to a rehab clinic, where she had to stay for 90 days.

Justice finally allowed her to return to her residence at the end of August, for a very strict medical and psychological test, which required using two weekly drug tests.

In late August, the judge warned her that if any test would prove positive, she will entail a punishment of 30 days in jail.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced for violating probation terms, after being arrested twice in 2007 for drunk driving in the car and for possession of cocaine, within two months. She is now wearing an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet.