Kylie Minogue is excited about her nephew Ethan

As we reported, Dannii Minogue and boyfriend Kris Smith are the proud parents of 2 months old son Ethan.

In a recent interview, Kylie declared on seeing her nephew: “I saw Dannii and Kris and baby Ethan three days ago. I can’t believe it, but it stands to reason, he’s got so much longer already. His legs are starting to fill out and everything.

“I melt, I go to pieces every time I see him – he’s gorgeous. Currently Ethan is resembling Kris’ father.”

The singer tells how she can’t believe her sister is now a mother: “It’s really hard getting my head around what’s happened. This wasn’t in the ether a couple of years ago and now Dannii’s a mum. She and Kris have really taken to being parents.”

The Australian singer also described that she feels happy in her new relationship, also on the fact that she moved in with her boyfriend Andres Velencoso Segura.

“The new place is very sparse. It was owned by a Danish couple so everything is white, white, white.

“We’ll soon change that. It’s the sort of place where my mum and dad can come and go. It’s so lovely to see the generations together.”