Sir Roger Moore’s tribute to Tony Curtis

One of them was actor Roger Moore, who started crying when he paid a tribute to close friend Tony Curtis.

As we reported earlier, Tony Curtis died at his Las Vegas home after several health problems.

Moreover, Sir Roger Moore and Curtis played together in the 1970s British TV show The Persuaders.

They were reunited in October 2008 in London


According to Sky News, Moore said: “I’m shocked. I knew Tony had not been well but I never think that friends are going… I’m very sad, and for Jill his wife who adored him.

“We had a lot of laughs together (filming The Persuaders!) for about 15 months, working together every day… He was really fun to work with. He had a great sense of humour and wonderful ad-libs. He was a hell of a good actor. I shall miss him. I find it very difficult to sum up my emotions in a couple of seconds.”

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