Earl Jr., Tiger Woods’ brother: “I think my dad would be very disappointed with him.”

According to reports, Earl Jr., Tiger’s brother, said in a recent interview: “I think my dad would be very disappointed with him. He would probably want to know how he’s going to fix it. You’re grown enough to get into this mess; how are you going to repair it?”

Not to mention that the relationship between Earl and Elin was a close and respectful one: “She was family,” says Earl Jr. “My dad and her really connected.”

The brother also spoke about Tiger’s family lost: “It cost him a family,” he says. “He’ll never have the same relationship with his kids. There’s always a possibility that [Elin] will go back to Sweden. That distance with the kids will tear him up.”

“He got caught up in being human. He made mistakes, and unfortunately, those mistakes were magnified, because he is who he is, and where he’s at.”

Earl Jr. says “Tiger had his duties he had to perform. My dad would have him do practice rounds in the afternoon. They would be out there for two and three hours. Most of that was fun time, because he was so young, but my dad would slip in some instruction.”

Moreover, it seems that Tiger used to be “kind of a nerd, a bookworm, a computer geek” as a child.

The brother continues saying that Tiger will return once this story is over: “Once the dust settles, he’ll start being productive,” he says. “Once he gets back on track, he’ll be right back to where he was, if not better.”

Image source: thehollywoodgossip.com