Michael Jackson’s nephew, Austin Brown plans to launch his debut album called “85”

The young man plans to launch his debut album called “85” due to his love for music, not to mention that he knows to play guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, being only 24 years old.

According to a recent interview for People magazine, Brown said he started taking gymnastics in order to improve his performances.

“I told [producer] Rodney [Jerkins], ‘I’m going to flip.’ He was like, ‘You’re out of your mind.’ So I started taking footage of it and I was like, ‘Look I can do a back flip.’ ”
Austin Brown revealed that Janet Jackson is the closest person in his family that he talks to.

“She knows everything about me. If I couldn’t tell my mom, I would tell her. She would take drives with me and talk to me like I was a normal person.”

“When you’re a kid it’s cool to talk to a relative who doesn’t look at you like a kid. She took the time to spend with me and be a support system. I would call her about problems at school and she would give me sound advice. She’s a great listener.”

Austin also declared that he loves his older sisters, Stacy and Yashi, music: “I would listen to their music like Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Billy Idol and Tears for Fears, who I loved.”

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Image source: thehollywoodgossip.com