Dan Gordon-Levitt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother, death unknown

The announcement was made by Joseph via Twitter. His brother was only 36 years old and the death causes were not made public.

The actor said: “My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010,” he wrote. “Celebrate his life here because he’s f***ing awesome.”

His brother was known as Burning Dan due to his job, he was a performer on Venice Beach, California and also a fire dancer.

The actor also wrote on his website that his brother Dan: “brightly embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as the creative spirit. He would absolutely positively insist that we not let this bad news deter us on our collective mission.”

Joseph added: “That said, I might not feel up to it for a little while. Watching this community blossom into what it has become never ceased to amaze him and me. We would regularly marvel at it and high five.”

The Inception actor also thanked everyone for the support given after this tragedy.