David Arquette revealed details about marriage split

The actor revealed for the radio host that in June he and Cox separated.

“She said to me, ‘I don’t want to be your mother anymore,'” Arquette recalled. “And I appreciated that about her… She didn’t want to tell me, ‘Don’t do that.’ She didn’t want to nag me anymore.”

The actor added: “It breaks my heart. I’ve been begging Courteney to get back with me.”

Arquette revealed that he had a sexual relationship with Jasmine Waltz, a waitress, but now it’s over.

Regarding the rumors about Cox’s affair with actor Brian Van Holt, he replayed: “I truly don’t think she ever had an affair.”

The actor concluded in the interview that: “I love her with all my heart and she loves me with all her heart… We’re trying to get real with each other, real with ourselves… I want her to be happy, more than I was happiness for myself.”