Madonna having an affair with 33-years-old Brahim Rachiki?

Brahim Rachiki is a choreographer on Madonna’s ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour, he’s 33-years-old and is listed as second assistant choreographer in the credits for the Michael Jackson documentary, ‘This Is It.’

According to his official website, he’s also worked with Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Gnarles Barkley and modeled for Levi’s.

Madonna’s last boyfriend, 24-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, has allegedly been flirting with women closer to his own age back in his home country.

His relationship with the music icon was characterized by many as a fling, and in May 2009 he told People, “She is my friend, just a friend.”

A source says that Madonna tore up the dance floor for a lengthy stretch before the two “immediately started making out in front of other guests.”

And a witness reports that once the pair relocated to another nightclub in the wee hours of the morning, “they hugged and kissed for the rest of the night.”

So she’s 52 and he’s 33. Before him was Jesus. 24. Good for her!