Mel Gibson to appear for deposition

He’s been ordered to give his deposition some day before November 10. Oksana will also give her deposition, but it will take place on a different day. Both depositions will be supervised by a judge.

Sources say the deposition will cover child custody issues only.

It seems the judge will clarify on November 10 whether the $20,000/month Mel has been ordered to pay in child support includes Oksana’s housing costs.

As for Oksana’s armada, don’t worry, she got herself another one. The 40th.

The new lawyer is Mitchell Jacobs, a family law attorney who has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986.

Jacobs was brought in because yesterday’s hearing involved a certain technicality and they reached out to Jacobs because he’s a family law specialist.

Sources say it is unclear whether Jacobs will remain on full-time.

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