Bob Guccione, Penthouse’ founder passed away

Family announced the man died at the Plano Specialty Hospital but he had several family members on his side.

According to Georgann Flinchbaugh, Guccione’s mother-in-law, her daughter married Bob in 2006 and that “He was a wonderful man. She’s heartbroken. He was the love of her life.”

Guccione’s Penthouse magazine debuted in 1965 being on constant competition with Playboy magazine founded by Hugh Hefner.

Guccione was also a painter and art collector, not just a businessman.

In the past, Bob declared to a friend: “I want to devote my life to the serious and profound intricacies of true and imaginative art.”

According to Anthony Haden-Guest, “Bob Guccione pushed the soft-core envelope, building one of the most profitable p#!n empires in the world.”

Image source: Associated Press