Lisa Marie Presley talks about Michael Jackson’s death for the first time with Oprah

During the interview, Presley said “I wish I’d saved him. I know it’s naive to think that I could’ve, but I wanted to.” Lisa Marie and Michael were married from May 1994 until January 1996 but the day she heard that MJ died she was in ‘floods of tears”.

Presley revealed to Oprah that even before she learnt that MJ died, she felt something was wrong. “I was crying all day,” she told Oprah.” It was the strangest day of my life.”

To sum up the interview between Lisa Marie Presley and Oprah here are the main topics discussed.


On Jackson’s drug use: “I didn’t really suspect and catch on until just before I filed for divorce. There was just an occasion, an incident where he had collapsed and he was in the hospital. I couldn’t tell what was happening,’ she said. “I couldn’t really get a straight answer about what was happening with him, and I think we were all a little bit in the dark.”

About the marriage: “I didn’t understand my relationship with him. It has taken until now to come to have all this love again and understanding for him. I don’t know why it had to take all that to have this happen. That upsets me a bit. I was very angry. I was so angry… I felt that we were so united, and then at some point he pushed me out. In every sense it was a normal marriage,” she said.


About manipulating the media: “To some degree, he was a master at manipulating the media. I understand that nobody really knew who I was. They just assumed I was going along with something he would be doing….I understand it better now. The manipulation was a survival tactic for him.”

About having children: “I did want to, but I just wanted to make sure. I was looking into the future and thinking, “I don’t ever want to get into a custody battle with him. We would have three-day arguments, taking a break to eat or sleep,” she said.


“Debbie Rowe was there the whole time telling him that she would have his child,” Lisa Marie said. “He would tell me, “Debbie said she’ll do it.” That’s how he knew to handle it, “If you’re not going to do it, this person will.”