Owners of Hublot watches have their own exclusive club

Besides the generous offer of services and privileged access to the latest information in the field, Hublotista.com has a protection and authentication system of Hublot watches.

The brand is the world’s first watch manufacturer that has implemented the electronic identification system for clocks.

The program runs on a chip card and on a Hublotista reader.

Both act as a passport. Each owner can use the card and the reader to read the online serial number and then to register on the club’s website.

Once inside the club, the owner can enjoy anonymity if he desires.

Discussions on the site are also protected from the eyes of those who are not members, even if it’s simple news about the brand or exchange of specialized information and professional advice.


Jerome Pineau, Hublot’s Social Media Manager, told us that “the reader is actually a one-shot device you need to connect to our databases via USB port. Once you handshake with the database and authentication system, you never need it again unless you buy another Hublot of course (each card is attached to one given watch).”

“Hublotista offers banking-level security to all Hublot owners and I am happy to welcome all new members to our online community or answer any questions your readers might have.”

Image source: interwatches.wordpress.com