Paul the octopus has died

Paul the octopus, which had sparked the media attention for the accuracy of his predictions at the FIFA World Cup 2010, died Tuesday, announced the aquarium Oberhausen from Germany.

The aquarium staff said they were “devastated” by the news of the disappearance of its most illustrious resident. Stefan Porwoll, the manager at the Oberhausen Sea Life Center, said Paul “appears to have passed away peacefully during the night, of natural causes.”

The dead squid will be preserved in a cold room until the direction of the aquarium chooses to bury him.


Paul the octopus had seen his predictions validated throughout the World Cup in South Africa and even predicted the victory of Spain over the Netherlands in the final. According to a well-established ritual, two transparent boxes adorned with the flags of the teams of Netherlands and Spain had been placed at the bottom of its pool in the tank in Oberhausen. The famous cephalopod then chose the box with the colors of Spain.