The most expensive hotel rooms in the world

10.The Imperial flat, hotel Park Hyatt Vendome from Paris

It has 656 square meters, a balloon huge room table, a bar, a sauna and a massage table.

Price: 11,221 euros per day.

9. The Royal flat , hotel Four Seasons George V in Paris

The apartment has 801 square feet, ancient furniture, a marble entry, a private office, makeup room and sauna.

Price: 11,585 euros per day.

8. The Royal flat Armleder, hotel Le Richemond in Geneva

It spans 754 square meters, has mosaic parquet flooring, window anti-bullet, a huge terrace overlooking Geneva and the Alps.

Price: 12,649 euros per day.

7. The Royal flat, hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai

It has 2558 square feet, marble floors, mahogany furniture, toilets Hermes, a private cinema, a rotating bed, a Rolls Royce with a driver and a helicopter (cost extra).

Price: 13,007 euros per day.

6. The Ritz-Carlton flat, hotel Ritz-Carlton in Moscow

It measures 777 square meters, has a piano, library, five meals a day and a view of Red Square in Moscow.

Price: 13,161 euros per day.

5. The Bridge flat, hotel Atlantis Resort in Bahamas

It has 1444 square meters, 10 rooms, a butler, cook and marble bathrooms. Here were quartered Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey.

Price: 18,075 euros per day.

4. The Royal Penthouse, hotel President Wilson in Geneva

It spans 3937 square meters, has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a room for 40 guests for cocktails and anti-bulletproof windows.

Price: 23,860 euros per day.

3. The Ty Warner Penthouse, hotel Four Seasons in New York

It has 1310 square meters, 360 degree panorama, huge chandeliers, a large piano, nine bedrooms, a butler and TV able to access any post in the world.

Price: 24,548 euros per day.

2. The Hugh Hefner Mansion, in Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

It has 3048 square meters, butler, rotating beds, ceiling full of mirrors, table poker and a Jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas.

Price: 28,871 euros per day.

1. The Royal Mansion in Grand Resort Lagonissi, Atena

The most expensive accommodation in the world stretches over 3900 square meters, has heated pool, sauna, private beach, butler, cook, piano and pianist.

Price: 36,088 euros per day.

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