Toni Collette, pregnant with second child

The Australian actress, who plays a mother suffering from multiple personality syndrome in the television series “The United States of Tara”, produced by Showtime, and her husband, musician Dave Galafassi, told People magazine that they are happy and that they can’t wait the arrival of their second child.

Toni Collette and Dave Galafassi were married in 2003 and already have a daughter, Sage Florence, born in January 2008.

Toni Collette, 37, will give birth to their second child early next year.

The Australian star was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the thriller “The Sixth Sense” (1999). Her most recent films include “Little Miss Sunshine,” “The night listener” and “In her shoes.” Collette was awarded an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role in the TV series “The United States of Tara”.