Arnold Schwarzenegger: I might return to acting soon

Nicknamed “The Governator,”the 63-year old actor will leave his post in the California state government next week after occupying this position for seven years. He announced that he had recently met James Cameron, the director of the first two films in “The Terminator” series, and that he might make an important announcement soon.

Concerning the possibility of appearing in movies again, the actor said: “It depends. Will I still have the patience to sit on the set and do a movie for three months? I don’t know.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated that after leaving the office he intends to hold conferences, to write a book – he hasn’t released his autobiography yet – and to continue to support the environmental cause.

According to sources in California, Schwarzenegger is more likely to start acting again than to pursue a career as a politician.

At the end of his mandate as a governor, his popularity has reached only 22% among the people of California, who are dissatisfied with the extremely high unemployment rate and a huge budgetary deficit in this US state.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, businessman and the 38th governor of California, entered politics after a successful career in Hollywood, which he built after having initially practiced bodybuilding and winning the Mister Universe title seven times.

Schwarzenegger became an international star after starring in movies like “Conan the Barbarian”, “Predator”, “Total Recall” and the famous “Terminator” franchise.

On October 7, 2003, the actor was elected governor of California, replacing Gray Davis who was removed from office by referendum. Arnold Schwarzenegger was later reelected in November 2006 for a full mandate.