Rachel Uchitel – “Just a normal girl”

In addition, the former event planner complains about the inaccuracy of the articles in the press and how the tabloids have shaped an image of her that is totally different than the reality.

“I am different than the cartoon character that people have made me out to be,” she told E! News. “I am absolutely not the wicked witch people have made me out to be. It’s hurtful. I am human. It’s a hurtful thing to have people talk about you. There are a lot of things that I think people don’t know because nobody has ever asked.”

No word about Tiger Woods of course as he reportedly paid her 10 million dollars in order to silent her. However, Rachel claims that not talking about him is a decision that she made as she wants to move on with her life.

David Boreanaz, on the other hand, is another thing.

Asked whether she knew that he was married to Jaime Bergman when she was having an affair with him, Uchitel said, “I did know David was married. But I also knew the kind of relationship that David was in.”

And concerning whether she knew Tiger Woods was married, Rachel commented “I understand it is a subject people are really interested in,” she says. “It’s something I have never spoken about … something I don’t wish to speak about at all.”